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AC and Heating Specialist

with 33 years experience

Lic # TACLB9263C

Call 346-218-1617

Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials are
from NextDoor where Andy Prado has received 80 "5 star" customer reviews.
Customer Review from Richard Gibbs
Definitely Andy! He just did work on my ac, plus helped me over the phone when I installed my new thermostat. Honest and reasonable.
Customer Review from Charles Hutchinson
Andy Prado is the best I have found.
Customer Review from Jason Perkins
I highly recommend Andy Prado. Where others had blatantly lied and said I needed a new system, Mr. Prado came out and took his time to do a thorough inspection to identify a couple of small things that needed to be addressed. Because of Mr. Prado's honesty, I am now a loyal customer and will only do business with him and no one else!
Customer Review from Cory Dellar
Andy Prado - we used him and he was exceptional and reasonable!

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