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What does a Whole Home Dehumidifier do?

Put simply, a dehumidifier draws excess moisture out of the air and permanently removes it. With a small or room system, the moisture collected is dumped into a removable reservoir. For a whole home system, a drainage system is used. The important point is that all of that clammy, nasty moisture is then gone.

  • Whole home dehumidifiers make your home more comfortable. Optimally speaking, for both health and comfort, humans need a humidity level of roughly 30 – 50% relative humidity. When the air of our home is too moisture-rich, that moisture sticks to our skin, and prevents the body’s natural cooling processes, making us hotter and a heck of a lot less comfortable.

  • Dehumidifiers reduce cooling costs. Moisture-heavy air bogs down your AC, making its job much tougher. An air conditioner will do its best, but the effort it has to make to do so can make your cooling bills skyrocket. This means you’re paying more for a lot less comfort.

  • When used properly, dehumidifiers protect your home. Excessive moisture can make paint bubble up, furniture warp, and can even generate water damage in walls and floors. A dehumidifier can keep this from happening.

  • Dehumidifiers help to deodorize, and minimize the risks of mold. Moist air (excessively moist air) promotes rot and fungal growth. This means a humid home is one that is prone to being a bit smellier, and one that can rapidly become a hotbed for mold growth.